Types of sea containers for food transport

Currently there are different types of sea containers, each designed to suit specific customer demands, such as food transport. The materials used for this type of container are insulating, thus protecting the goods from moisture, bacteria or other elements that may alter the product. Maintaining an adequate temperature is vital, for this reason containers are needed to keep goods at temperatures between 30 º C and -30 º C. For example: if we transport fresh food, it is necessary to refrigerate the product in order to keep all its qualities intact.

What is the ideal temperature for transporting each product in sea containers?  Each commodity has its own unique properties, so each product needs a specific temperature. It is highly recommended that the same container does not transport food with different properties. Let us give simple examples: if we transported dairy products, the ideal temperature would be 6ºC. On the other hand, to transport fresh fish, as well as molluscs and crustaceans, the products must be wrapped in abundant ice and at a temperature of -18ºC. Meat should be kept at a temperature of 7°C (except for red offal, which needs to be kept at 3°C). In addition, meat should not touch walls or floors as it could become contaminated. The ideal temperature for birds and rabbits, as well as game products, is 4ºC. There are also products that should never be transported at low temperatures, such as chocolate or tropical fruits.

Thus, for the transport of food we can opt for four different types of sea containers: isothermal, coated with insulation to prevent temperature changes; refrigerated, which manage to cool products with outside temperatures of 30 to 20 degrees maximum; refrigerators, which maintain the lower temperature between 12 and -20 degrees with an outside temperature of up to 30 º C, and heat, which is used for pre-cooked products.

At Noray Container Services we have a wide selection of sea containers to meet the needs of any customer, including those suitable for food transport. The container hire option is particularly interesting for operations where the customer requires a sea container for a specified period of time, whether limited or indefinite. You can also purchase a container, new or used, whether for storage use, as a basis for construction or transformed for specific needs. Request a quote here.
Types of sea containers for food transport
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